Monday, July 18, 2016

Save your Brain and Save the Bee.

Monsanto claims it works to save bees, yet, they work alongside Syngenta and sell bee-killing products, namely neonicotinoids. These “nicotine” based compounds make bees, and mammals, like us, addicted to the substances. Worse, they kill bees. What could be arguably the worst of all issues with them is that they lower IQ in mammals. That’s us! The killer trifecta of death is upon us. Read the facts in this blog and see for yourself!

Bees are required for our food! All pollinators are at risk! Butterflies, Bats, Birds and other creatures are all being harmed by these chemical companies poisons. How will we survive as a species on the planet earth without them? Monsanto claims it is working to save bees, but are their promises legitimate? Are they only working to solve problems they create?

A vegetarian, one of the smartest men who revolutionized science said “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Can we not agree with these compelling warnings of Einstein?

The New York times reports ⅓ of all bees have been dying every year since colony collapse disorder (CCD) was discovered in 2005. This number will increase because CCD is not being addressed by industry or regulators. Perhaps they are investing in bee decline? What if they are banking on making a fortune by controlling the entire food supply through owning portions of companies that can make robot bees?

Review the following peer-reviewed studies by the world's most prestigious scientific publishers, who don’t have vested interest in clearing chemicals for our use like GMO companies and our regulators that are basically owned by them. The following studies led to bans of neonicotinoids in Europe and Japan.

Roundup, the popular chemical pesticide not only includes deadly glyphosate, it also has neonicotinoids, a neuroactive nicotine like substance that excites the brain and causes brain damage.

The European Food and Safety Authority published its peer-reviewed study on how neurotoxic neonicotinoids are. The EFSA stated in its release:

“The PPR Panel found that acetamiprid and imidacloprid may adversely affect the development of neurons and brain structures associated with functions such as learning and memory. It concluded that some current guidance levels for acceptable exposure to acetamiprid and imidacloprid may not be protective enough to safeguard against developmental neurotoxicity and should be reduced.”

Cheap food eaten by the majority of Americans, is causing a decline in intelligence, making people most susceptible to propaganda against their own interests to have low cost healthy naturally organic food. If labeling occurred, organics would see a boon, there would be more demand, therefore, more supply and lower costs.

Not only do neonicotinoids cause brain damage to us because they are absorbed into our food, they can cause our extinction by killing the bees we rely on to pollinate so many common foods.

The  journal Nature published a report about how bees are twice as likely to die when exposed to pesticides; two-thirds of the bees are lost when exposed compared to a third when not exposed. The exposed bees are also half as successful in gathering food.

Are you aware of Obama’s broken promises that he wouldn’t hire lobbyists? The Organic Consumers Association reports Obama has filled many government positions with the biochemical mega-corporations representatives. Many people “in the know” realized his hypocrisy, as he was mostly financed by big banks and corporations, just like republicans. Yet, people were in a daze, perhaps from heavy doses of neonics that could easily be increased to higher thresholds in their products right around election time. Increasing doses of brain altering, IQ reducing chemicals in our food, would serve the interests of the mega corporations after all.

You don’t have to be Einstein to realize; if we continue to let BIG AGRA run our national food supply, we could be facing a very grim future, where corporations run the entire food supply for the masses.

Political action is required to stop them, both a combination of boycotting conventional foods, taking action to educate others, signing federal petitions and helping your local statewide ballot access groups against GMOs. We have to attack this problem from ALL angles. To ignore the one method where people like YOU are in control, the ballot initiative method, would be to our own demise.

Most of the GMOs and pesticides are forced into our food supply, regardless if we individually eat all organic. They still affect our shared ecosystem, and our neighbors. We must care for others, just as we care for ourselves and our own families. We can prevent an ecological nightmare waiting to happen by YOUR decision to get involved. You must get involved, however. Ballot initiatives don’t qualify themselves for the ballot. We need signature collectors. We are at a time where we can’t rely on leaders, we need to become the leaders in our communities and make the difference we want to see in our future, ourselves.

We must boycott all conventional foods. We must grow our own foods and buy organic only. A critical mass of consumers making lifestyle changes that will also improve our health will result in a collapse of the financial influence mega corporations distributing GMO’s and pesticides have. This collapse will ensure we can protect the bees and save our future. Don't support them, support your health, save your brain and save the bees.

It’s better to be poor, eating organic, than to support companies that contribute to end the human race. There is also the longevity method of consuming less, focusing on caloric restriction, this author prescribes to on a daily basis. By skipping meals and eating less, by focusing on higher nutrient rich vegetal foods, we can have more money around to buy all organic, and be healthier.

Rather than wait for politicians. It’s better to get involved in local ballot proposition activism, be it for anti-corruption candidates or more directly, pushing local and statewide ballot initiatives to address the issue.

There are many solutions help you avoid neonicotinoids, it’s up to YOU to participate.